Recognizing and Fighting Against Sexual Discrimination in the Workplace

The State of New Jersey has strict policies against discrimination, including sexual discrimination in the workplace. This is covered by the Law Against Discrimination and can carry heavy penalties as well as loss of reputation for individuals and companies who commit these offenses. Here’s some helpful insight into this issue and how the law fights it, from NJ employment attorney Dennis Calo.

 What workplace situations are covered by anti-discrimination laws? 

Sexual discrimination can occur in almost every job-related aspect of the modern workplace, including:

  • Recruitment
  • Interviewing
  • Hiring
  • Promotions
  • Compensation – salaries and bonuses
  • Discharge – retrenchment packages, firings, etc.
  • Terms and privileges of employment

It is important to remember that sexual discrimination does not need to be overt in order to be found to be illegal. Certain policies can exist that, when implemented, cause particular groups to be excluded in ways that cannot be justified as fair.

Who is covered by sexual discrimination policies? 

Simply put, this law covers a comprehensive range of genders and sexual orientations, in order to protect every employee from discriminatory practices. While the majority of reported sexual discrimination happens to women, men – as well as the LBTQ community – are equally covered.

Unfortunately, these cases and complaints are often difficult to prove and, without the assistance of a leading sexual discrimination lawyer, they are often dismissed or reduced to he said-she said arguments where the truth is often lost.

Speak to a sexual discrimination attorney to file your case today 

Whatever employer misconduct you are dealing with; you do not need to go through it alone. Dennis Calo is NJ employment lawyer will be at your side each step of the way to navigate the legal system, deal with relevant agencies and protect your future.

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Understanding Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance Charges in NJ

If you’ve been charged with drug possession offenses in the State of New Jersey, it’s important to have the expertise of a leading drug defense lawyer on your side from the very beginning. Not only can your attorney explain the charges and defend your rights, he can also examine evidence, speak to witnesses and develop a strong case for your defense – whether you are looking to negotiate a plea or fight the case at trial

How New Jersey Classifies Controlled Dangerous Substances

The State of New Jersey regulates and controls the possession of many drugs, not just well-known illegal substances like heroin and marijuana, as well as the compounds used to manufacture these drugs. It does this through a system of five schedules – Schedule One being the most dangerous drugs most commonly at the root of addiction and drug abuse, while Schedule Five drugs are more recognized for their medical use rather than drug abuse.

What are the penalties for possessing a CDS in NJ? 

It is important to note that the possession of any CDS without a valid medical prescription is considered an offense. Here is a breakdown of the penalties you may face:

  • 3rd degree offense: Any amount, no matter how small, of a Schedule One, Two, Three or Four drug is penalized with a fine of up to $35,000 and/or 3-5 years in prison.
  • 4th degree offense: Any amount of a Schedule Five drug can mean a fine of up to $15,000 and/or 18 months of prison time.
  • Possession of a CDS near a school: If you are within 1,000 of a school or a school bus when the offense takes place, you may face a harsher sentence that includes 100 hours of community service.
  • Repeat offenses: Penalties will become harsher if you have already been convicted for one or more CDS offenses. Both the fine and the jail time may double in this event.

Don’t face CDS charges alone – Speak to a drug defense lawyer today 

If you are facing a criminal charge, you need a lawyer who can provide expert assistance as soon as possible. A former prosecutor is uniquely positioned to give you the advice you need to deliver a strong, effective representation of your case and fight it from every possible angle. If you want a criminal defense lawyer that you can trust to defend your case professionally and aggressively, contact us today and find out how Dennis Calo can help you.

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A Guide To Credit Card Theft Charges In NJ

Credit card fraud and theft are treated seriously by the New Jersey justice system, and can carry prison time, heavy fines and civil penalties depending on the severity of the offense. Unfortunately, regardless of whether you did not intend to defraud someone or take a credit card, these charges can land you in serious trouble.

An experienced theft and fraud defense attorney knows that the circumstances of these crimes can be the result of even a simple misunderstanding or mistake made in desperation, and will fight as hard as possible to ensure that you get the minimum sentence possible and the second chance you deserve.

What do credit card theft or fraud charges include? 

These charges cover a range of offenses that include:

  • Being in possession of two or more credit cards not in your name – regardless of whether they have been used or not.
  • Using a credit card that is not in your name.
  • Applying for a credit card using false information.
  • Signing for a credit card when you are not the named person on the card.
  • Using a credit card when the account has been closed.

While most credit card cases are charged as fourth degree crimes with a possible penalty of 18 months in prison, some cases are charged in the third degree, which can mean up to 5 years behind bars. Your sentence may also be influenced by other factors in the case, including your previous criminal history (if any) and the details of the crime itself. It is up to your attorney to use this information to build the strongest defense possible and show your case in a way that will minimize these penalties as much as possible.

Don’t let a misunderstanding or mistake cost you your freedom – Speak to defense attorney Denis Calo today 

Dennis Calo is a former prosecutor in the New Jersey criminal justice system, and has inside knowledge of how the prosecution system works and he can build a robust defense against your fraud charges and fight for your rights.

Your freedom deserves a fight, credit card theft defense attorney Dennis Calo today.

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