What is considered fraud in New Jersey?

Did you know that the State of New Jersey aggressively pursues fraud charges? The penalties for fraud vary from case to case and depend on the charges that are laid – but even minor penalties can destroy your future and give you a permanent criminal record. Here’s some advice from a leading fraud defense lawyer in NJ.

What types of fraud charges are there in New Jersey?
The most common types of fraud charges in this state include:

  • Credit card fraud: There are two sets of charges for credit card fraud to cover how the card was obtained and how it was used. These cases can include examples such as theft of a credit card, application fraud, buying and selling credit cards or fraudulently signing a credit card.
  • Healthcare and insurance fraud: This includes using someone else’s information or name to create false records, knowingly misleading an insurance company or even omitting facts when applying for insurance or healthcare. Even exaggerating the facts on an insurance claim is considered insurance fraud.
  • Identity theft or fraud: These charges cover the use of someone else’s identity in order to obtain a benefit or defraud someone else. This can be as simple as stating a different identity orally or through a written application for a service or benefit. Under these terms, using a fake ID to obtain alcohol can be considered identity theft.

Penalties for fraud in New Jersey
The penalties for being convicted for fraud are dependent on the type of offense and the value of the property or money involved, and can range up to 10 years in prison and fines of up to $100,000. Additional potential civil penalties can also apply in certain cases and, if you are not a U.S. citizen, these charges can also be used as grounds for deportation.
Get a free fraud case evaluation today from a top defense attorney
Facing fraud charges can be frightening, but an experienced fraud defense lawyer can offer you the best route to a solution. With 40 years of experience in theft and fraud cases, Dennis Calo can build the strongest defense for your case and protect your rights through robust representation all the way to fighting your case at trial. In some cases, Dennis may even be able to assist you in getting into New Jersey’s diversionary program, which may help you avoid jail time altogether and keep your permanent record clear.
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What are the benefits of retaining a former prosecutor as your criminal lawyer?

Being charged with a crime can turn your whole life upside down, so having the right criminal defense attorney on your side is key – and that means choosing a former prosecutor. Here’s why:

  • Unique insight: Prosecutors are one of the most powerful legal figures in criminal cases. They decide when to file charges, what charges they want to file and whether or not there is enough evidence to file a case at all. This gives former prosecutors a unique insight into your case from both a prosecutor and defense lawyer’s perspective.
  • Know your case’s strength and weaknesses: With a former prosecutor defending you, you’ll have a full understanding of your case from the moment of the arrest to the trial and potential appeal process. This means that the strengths and weaknesses of your case can be immediately recognized and strategically handled. This includes issues around how evidence is gathered, how each decision can affect the filing process, how to negotiate a plea and the methodology of the prosecutor pursuing your case.
  • Trial Experience: When it comes to practicing the law effectively, trial experience is everything. A former prosecutor will have extensive knowledge of the New Jersey court system, personally know the personnel working each side of the justice system and have extensive experience in representing clients after their arrest, at plea bargains, at trail and in the appeals process.

Choosing a New Jersey defense attorney you can trust

When hiring a criminal attorney, trust is key. Dennis Calo is a widely respected former prosecutor who has considerable experience as a criminal and civil trial attorney. He has worked in the justice system for almost 40 years and, during the last 20 years, he has focused on a wide range of criminal defense cases.

If you are facing a criminal charge, you need a lawyer who can provide expert assistance as soon as possible. A former prosecutor is uniquely positioned to give you the advice you need to deliver a strong, effective representation of your case and fight it from every possible angle. If you want a criminal defense lawyer that you can trust to defend your case professionally and aggressively, contact us today and find out how Dennis Calo can help you or visit http://www.criminaldefense-nj.com for more information.


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