Building a Strong Defense Against Child Abuse Charges in NJ

Child abuse is a topic that gets a strong reaction in the eye of the public and in the courts, which means that it is essential to develop the strongest defense possible if you are facing these claims. Here are some insights into child abuse charges and what to do about them, from a leading child abuse defense attorney in NJ.

 Types of child abuse prosecuted in NJ 

In this state, child abuse covers a wide range of crimes committed against a minor – someone under the age of 18 – and can include:

  • Sexual abuse.
  • Corporal punishment or physical abuse.
  • DUI/DWI with a child in the car.
  • Neglect or abandonment, which can include leaving a child alone and unsupervised in a car, home or store.
  • Parental abduction, often as a result of a noncustodial parent taking the child from a custodial parent.

It’s easier than you think to fall victim to false or unjustified child abuse charges

Due to the fact that there is such a strong reaction from communities and prosecutors over child abuse claims, these charges – even when false or blown out of proportion – can destroy lives. The reasons behind these charges may be false or an overreaction in themselves, from doctors suspicious of bruises to neighbors who are hearing frequent arguments in your home – all without actually witnessing any form of child abuse. Custody battles between spouses can also quickly become ugly, with charges being files to help win custody of a child or children. Even though the charges may be false, the courts are obligated to pursue them vigorously – and the court of public opinion may convict you regardless of the result.

Don’t run the risk of having your life destroyed – Speak to a child abuse defense attorney today 

In cases like these, it is essential to have a strong, experienced legal specialist on your side who will fight your charges from the start. Without the right attorney, it’s easy for your case to get out of control – and you could end up facing heavy fines, lengthy jail time and the lifelong stigma of a sex offender.

That’s why you should speak to former prosecutor, Dennis Calo, today. With over 40 years of experience in the legal system, he has the skills, knowledge and inside understanding of the New Jersey court system to ensure that you get the best defense available.

Your freedom deserves a fight, contact Dennis Calo today and get a free case evaluation.

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